BIXjoe for NLZ
I wrote a Java program that makes it easier to use NLZero interactively than using a standard telnet client. The program and documentation are under my copyright, but are free for use by all NLZero members.
BIXjoe is currently at version 1.14.0 and supports the Noise Level Zero TCoSy conferencing system located at (BIXjoe was originally created to support the now defunct BIX CoSy conferencing system that used to live at
Version 1.14.0 adds a word wrapping option, that defaults to on, for the main text panel and improves the look of the menus by addding a leading space to each menu item.
Version 1.13.0 changed the default host address from to
Version 1.12.0 added support for launching URLs that span multiple lines by marking them and then selecting File / Kick to Browser (or pressing Ctrl+K). URLs that don't span multiple lines can still be launched by double-clicking anywhere in the URL.
Download the BIXjoe archive (51,988 bytes, which includes all of the downloadable files listed below).
View or download the BIXjoe documentation (20,660 bytes).
Download just the BIXjoe jar file (42,807 bytes).
Download the BIXjoe icon for Windows (6,262 bytes).
Download the BIXjoe icon as a GIF (1,131 bytes).
Download the Noise Level Zero icon for Windows (2,238 bytes).
Download the Noise Level Zero icon as a GIF (999 bytes).
Misc. Information
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